I am Baukje Strawson.


Forgive the absolutely raw photo, this is unenhanced, unfiltered and not touched up. THIS is who I am. Natural and full of adventure.

This photo was taken in Costa Rice circa 2013. A place we frequent as often as time and budget allows. Why Costa Rica? Because it is also natural and full of adventure! My husband and I have a few friends that live there, and we love what Costa Rica offers. Great surfing, wicked zip lines and anything you can imagine in doing in the jungle! Jeep tours, ATV tours, volcano tours, canopy tours, SURFING… you name it, they offer it!

We live for adventure my husband and I. We both got lucky in finding adventurous spirits as partners in life! He is how I stay un-scrambled.Currently my Husband and I run a power sports company in our home town. This allows us to live adventurous and get throttle happy in all types of terrain and all types of weather conditions. We try to live life, un-scrambled.

When in a slump, we go out and find something to bring us back. We would like to travel more countries, so far together we have trekked the United States (including Hawaii), Costa Rica, Holland and our home country of Canada. In my early twenties I travelled solo. I travelled Holland a couple of times (once with a road trip to Paris), a few placed within Canada and Mazatlan, Mexico. Travelling is so much fun when you’ve got a great travel buddy!

I have always wanted to write freelance. A dream of mine that I would (now in my mid thirties) like to make a reality. Change is good, it helps keep life flowing. With change in mind,  I will look to follow a path of writing, blogging, content creating and photography. I hope you come along as I will write of what I discover and see to un-scramble the might be scrambling surrounding whatever it is I choose to write about. If you have an idea, please share it with me!

I love to share my adventures,  what I discover and I love to write! Whether it be blogging or Social Content, I love it all! As I am just starting this venture of freelancing, my client list is short but effective. I am certified through Hootsuite with their Social Marketing Certification #KnowYourSocial. SO, if you are looking to grow your online presence, I am here to help. Send me a shout out on one of my blogs, or look me up on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Instagram.


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