Invest in YOU!

It’s EVERYWHERE! The message of healthy living, stress free lifestyle… do this… do that… And you know what? I believe in it all, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

Keep it simple. Be mindful and do everything with good intentions. Eat healthy and exercise. But don’t break yourself doing it. It is a lifestyle change so take baby-steps if you’re not there yet.

I guess that’s my biggest complaint about any health message out there. Please remind your readers that don’t follow a healthy lifestyle but wish to, to take it easy when changing their routine. It doesn’t happen in a flash. It takes time, serious time. Dedication too of course.

Whatever your change might be, whether a diet or a morning routine, remember this:

You are investing in YOU!

With the thought of investing in you, change won’t seem so daunting.

I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. You know what though? I am a sucker for stress. I am very aware that I let stress get to me and it affects me in many ways. So even us that live a healthy lifestyle, and are mindful of it, are constantly working on bettering ourselves. I believe this to be normal, so it needs to be written and spoken in the message of change. It is perfectly fine to have flaws, to fall down, to have weaknesses. Just be aware of yourself, know you have them and try to work on yourself with the best intentions.

The energies we emit is what is attracted to us in return, so just keep it chill, don’t be hard on yourself. Please, I beg of you not to be hard on yourself. I am, all the darn time and you know what, when that happens I have a husband who brings me away from that state of mind. So maybe find a buddy that can help keep you in check.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a most wonderful way to live. You feel better and emit positive energies which make your whole body shine. SO, go ahead, invest in YOU!


P.S. I have to give a shout out to Nikken International for the featured image! My husband is a distributor for their amazing products and is the inspiration behind this blog post! Their Facebook thread popped up this morning with a wicked message of investing in your health.




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