Keep on Keeping on

Ah…. 3 months into the freelance journey and still, nothing… I knew it’d be tough but dang! Why oh why am I so obsessed with making it in the digital and social media world?!?!?! Because it is AWESOME, that’s why.

Keep on keeping on I say! One day, I just may, land a gig… yay!

Man I used to love writing poetry! Maybe I should get back into that mode…

Though I must say, it’s been a great learning process so far. The mind is continuously jam packed with information derived from new follower, reading articles and form wherever I can dig them up and soak it all in. Re learning punctuation has been interesting along with new words, slang and synonyms etc. Just taking it all in to progress.

I do love learning, but I also love earning! So many are chasing the digital dream it seems that you need to be one step ahead to get noticed, or have the right following. There is a certain level of appreciation that comes along with that, only the best of the best filter through and make it.

Growth comes slowly, and with it comes with trials and tribulations, this I know. And this I do not shy from. Embrace the changes that come, roll with the punches as they say. Or be a punching bag, whichever the situation calls for I suppose. A sense of humor one must always have, or else things get taken way too personally.

Until then, I will pluck away on my trusted laptop and keep applying, keep searching, keep writing,  keep on keeping on.

(AND if you know of anyone looking for a freelance digital guru… check out my portfolio.)



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