Be the Good.

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and though it needed to be shared:


What you give to life is what will come back to you, this is imprinted into our minds. But how many follow this mindset to the fullest? I am guilty of loosing focus on my visions, goals and how I want my life to be. As I was dwelling on that thought, this came across the Facebook feed shortly after…


Talk about needing to hear (see) these messages! It was just the thing to remind me to ground myself, focus. Inhale the good, exhale the bad. Mix a little Citrus Essential oil in there an voila, mind back on track.

It’s easy to loose focus and jump on the negative train. We are surrounded by easy distractions that veer us off our desired path. So when this happens, acknowledge it and bring yourself on back! You and only you carry the power of how life looks for you. We all have circumstances beyond our control, the only thing in our control is ourselves and our minds. Make it a positive one, let light into your soul and watch it ripple through those around you.



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