For the Love of Yoga!

There are many reasons to love yoga… Here’s one of my favorites yet!


PERFECT! I nabbed this photo off my Facebook page… to put it correctly, I actually nabbed it from the Curejoy Yoga Facebook page and shared it because it rings so, so true!

I am what you would call a self proclaimed Yoga junkie. Fitness is a big part of my life and is  essential for both my own mental and physical well being. At one point my husband called me out on my lure to fitness becoming an addiction. At the time this became evident, I was a triathlete and I could not get enough exercise and working out had become definitely an addiction. So, I took a step back and went back to the roots of why I love fitness and returned to regularly practicing Yoga.

Enlightenment in nature

Since the age of 18 I became passionate about Yoga. It calmed me, challenged me and created a physical body that I loved which in turn became mental happiness. That is why Yoga has always been with me, even through the addiction of Triathlon training! I haven’t given up other forms of fitness, shaking up routine is important. But the stable part of my fitness routine is a regular Yoga practice.

I could go through the million reasons of why I love Yoga, but let’s keep it to the two simple reasons of mental clarity and physical well being. The common misconception with Yoga is that you’ve got to be able to turn into a pretzel. No, it’s not all tough. You gotta start somewhere, start with the basic flow movements, the rest will come in time.

This is the first, but most likely will not be the last post about my LOVE of YOGA…

So, with that, I encourage YOU to hit the mat! The only thing you have to gain is happiness!

Yoga Mats



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