Date Night

What the heck is a date night? We haven’t been on a date in what seems like forever possible forgetting the term altogether! The day to day in the business and home take over leaving not much energy to think about ourselves. But we did. And we will do it again!

Our downtown Barrhead businesses put together a Date Night last Thursday and it was wonderful! As we traveled from store to store taking in the marvels of what each of them provided, we were reminded how wonderful of a town we live in and the great businesses that it provides. The businesses created an interactive experience in where we drew cards upon checkout in a store and collected gifts from the cards drawn at other stores. We came home with quite a loot and great little gifts from the drawn cards!


At the end of the evening (now 9 pm which is normally when we ‘hit the hay’) we stopped in for a beer at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. In walked a couple whom we have known for years but never sat down with. The couple joined us and we had wonderful conversation filled with stories, laughter and reminiscing accompanied by the warmth of food that was provided (gratis by Debbie, our favorite restaurant owner) and drinks. It took an impromptu date night to rekindle a spark within each-other and our town! We had no idea how much we missed going out until we actually went out.

With this in mind, I am encouraging you to get out there. Enjoy your surroundings either by yourself, with your pet, your BFF, your partner, your spouse, your family. Discover the stores on your block, in your town, in your shopping mall. Truly enjoy the experience each and every shop provides, and enjoy the company you are with. Enjoy what others work so hard to provide!

Date night will happen again. What a wonderful reminder to stop and bring us back to the basics of being together and saying hello to others.




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