Creating A New Path

I am exited to be putting more and more energy into a new business we have started!!!

My goal is to create a life of love, freedom and happiness through the world of digital freelancing. From content writing to social marketing AND blogging!!! A venture that has been a burning desire for years. This dream started in my grade school years with my first short story. Writing brought me happiness and allowed expression when I needed to filter the chaos life and unscramble it!

Hence my blog title Life, Unscrambled.

Writing has continued to stay with me and morph into what it is now. I always look to unscramble obstacles, happenings, places, events, brands, gizmos and gadgets and of course, my own life. Simplify the seemingly complicated. Analyzing, problem solving (and at times creating) absorbing, listening, learning and creativity is just who I am. Getting to write about it, well that makes me happy.

At any given time I go from a throttle happy sledhead to creating jewelry in my studio at home. My interests are broad and I believe this allows you to explore more of life. Thanks to all who are following and spread the love. Be sure to comment if you have opinions, ideas and advice!




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