My Happiness

This, this is my happiness. No matter what; the bad days, the good days, the adventures, the circumstances, this is my happiness. His name is Darren.

We have a thing with selfies. Wherever we go, whether it be at the top of a mountain we just climbed with our snowmobiles (see pic below) or in Disneyland with the several versions of Mickey hats (again see pic below), we get selfie craziness! Odd looks from people are common, but you know what? That’s perfectly fine. I hope they see what makes us laugh and maybe get a smile in return.



Our marriage might not be considered ordinary. But it is wonderful! We both come from previous marriages. He has two older sons close to my age. We got engaged and married in two weeks. We both dropped our careers and he swept me away to Costa Rica for a month after being together only a short while (we hadn’t even lived together yet). People thought we were insane, and I was labeled a gold digger. To which I say, ha! Gold Digger, yeah right. That’s the last thing I am. BUT, we can’t blame others, they have a right to their opinions and they don’t see the whole picture.

There are struggles. That part is ordinary. We own a business together which is stressful and makes it important to keep business and and home life separate. It’s the key to making a business partner and spouse combo work. That and accept your weaknesses along with your strengths! The rough times usually start by me (guilty)! I am a lady after all, and WE have emotions that even WE don’t understand! He calmly lets me do my ‘thing’ I get over it eventually lol!

There is so much FUN in our lives, we make this happen. This is our choice. Sure, we could let the stresses get between us. But why? That wouldn’t be considered happiness. You create your own environment, why not make it a positive one? Absorbing the negative is way to easy. Give it some effort and make life GREAT! Find your happiness.


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