Ah, my very own place of happiness. Life is simple on the beach isn’t it? Why Can’t every place be this way. I hear so many people say it after a beach vacation… “Life is so simple there”. Then why do we make it so chaotic where we spend most of our time, at home? We choose to, that’s why. And we’re all guilty of it! Stop, watch the sunset, watch the sunrise, just breathe…


Life, Unscrambled is a place of happiness, de-stress and maybe an idea or two of how to unscramble life. This blog is my own form of opinions and my opinions or ideas may not work for you. But SOMETHING does. SOMETHING will. I currently lead an incredibly stressful life. Why? Because I chose it. And you know what? I WILL change that.

So, join me on my ramblings, my thoughts, my ideas and my ways of unscrambling life. Welcome to, Life, Unscrambled.


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