The Real Life

Isn’t that a glamorous shot?

Me, in our kitchen, trying to do the dishes and be a fly killing ninja all at once! This, is the real life and my husband captured it perfectly in one shot. Most of us do not live glamorous lives and that’s okay. We all have a dream of perfection but in my opinion, perfection isn’t real. Life, is real. From fancy dresses and make-up to wiping it all off and climbing into comfy pants.  Come on, we all live the real life. Why fake it? That takes WAY too much work.

Don’t be someone you’re not. Be honest, trust worthy and respect others, and don’t be too quick to judge. There it is, unscrambled.

No, I’m not telling you to not get out the bling bling and fancy clothes. Yes, put on the fancy dresses (I love it too) and the bling bling (I make jewelry and love to wear it!) just stay yourself. Put on the make-up, but stay yourself. Put on the comfy pants because that is usually yourself.

Be you. Be happy. The make yourself happy and not others thing is something I personally struggle with. I always want to please others, I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I have a big mouth and am opinionated BUT, this doesn’t make me immune to being vulnerable.. At what expense do we go out and make other happy? Usually our own happiness. Together, let’s keep it real.

If you haven’t read my About page, together with my husband, we own a power sports shop in our home town selling ATV’s, Side by Sides, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles. When we are at work, people see all the machines that surround us any automatically assume we are loaded in cash and ride everything all the time! Well, that is so far from reality it’s not even funny! We work so our customers can ride. We ourselves don’t have the time, and because of that I have to laugh. The good ‘ol saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” falls true there! But it’s all good. This is because through the chaos that is our work and home life, perceptions and all, we are true to ourselves. We keep it real, despite what others say, do or see.

So no matter what the craziness whether at work or at home, remember to live the real life, be true to yourself. The real life is just so much simpler.

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